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Performance Corvairs!


Here is a full and complete revision to the original
How to Hotrod Corvair Engines.

Everything the engine builder needs to know to rebuild the Corvair for power in all applications from street to full race.

Covers all Corvair engines from 1960–69.

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An Unusual Automobile—Yearly Changes
Measuring Horsepower, Performance Theory, and Tradeoffs
Carburetion and Fuel Systems
Cylinder Heads
Camsha­fts and Valve Train Basics
Pistons, Pins, and Rings
Cylinders and Boring
Lower End
Engine Assembly
Lubrication, Cooling, and Breathing
Clutch and Flywheel
Transmissions, Gearing, and Axle Ratios
Spyders and Other Turbocharged Corvairs
Making It Handle
Brakes, Wheels, and Tires
Corvair Engines in Dune Buggies, Porsches, and Volkswagens
V8 and Other Engine-Swap Corvairs
Interior Modifications
Cars Gallery

• 306 photos
• 26 charts
• 39 drawings
• 10 graphs...and more!

Seth Emerson, successful Corvair racer and technical guru, has
rewritten the entire book to current performance standards, adding more
than 150 new photos and charts.

Bill Fisher was a huge fan of Chevy inline six cylinder engines. Soon after the Corvair came out in an opposed six configuration, he authored the original How to Hotrod Corvair Engines in 1964.

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News: Ron Mangus Hot Rod Interiors in America's Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) at the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show!

Congratulations to Ron and your crew on a job well done. You can see more of Ron's work in our featured custom hot rod interiors books above. Photos below by Scott's Hotrods 'N Customs.

Honors Awarded: 2010 America's Most Beautiful Roadster

Make/Model: 1933 Ford Roadster

Car Name: "Possessed"

Builder: Scott's Hotrods 'N Customs, Oxnard, CA